Coming in touch with thousands of travellers every day, Zukunft Bahnhof Bern is a major project for the relatively small city of Bern. The 13 yearlong project impacts the city on multiple locations and in many ways. We settled to create a clear and informative brand with “transparency” as one of its core values.

At its essence, the logo serves a distinct purpose in conveying our message of transparency to the recipients. The clean, contemporary lines and bold typography speak to the forward-thinking approach of the project, while the precisely chosen colour palette induces a sense of trust, stability, and clarity.

Central to the design is the iconic railway track motif, a timeless symbol of connectivity, progress, and momentum. Here, it serves as a visual representation of the project's transformative impact on the transportation landscape, forging pathways that unite and push us towards a brighter, more interconnected future.

But perhaps most striking of all is the brand’s inherent sense of openness and accessibility. Its clean, uncluttered design invites viewers to engage, explore, and connect with the projects over all goal, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared ownership in the journey ahead.

Awards & Nominations

2024 Best Of Swiss Web Shortlist